Cardi B had the cutest Mother’s Day with husband Offset and their daughter Kulture, who turns 2 in July. They showered her with lavish gifts, including 2 Birkin bags. Take a look at their sweet family photo!

Cardi B had an amazing Mother’s Day — her second since giving birth to daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 18, 2018. The “Press” rapper, 27, posted a photo of her little family sitting outside on Sunday. Her husband Offset was pictured handing her a balloon from him and Kulture that said, “to a great mom.”

Cardi documented her special day in a series of videos on her Instagram Stories. First, she filmed Kulture grabbing her hand to begin opening her gifts. The Grammy winner showed off a room filled with purple, maroon and gold Rose Box flowers, which appear to be eternity bouquets that could live for years.

Alongside her colorful flowers were two boxes that contained neon green and aqua blue Birkin bags — Cardi’s favorite designer brand. But, before she could open the gifts, Kulture was already one step ahead of her. “I guess they’re not mine no more, they’re Kulture’s,” Cardi joked about her presents. “Kulture you got that for mommy?” she added as her daughter pulled out the new bags from their boxes.

(Photo credit: Cardi B/Instagram)

(Photo credit: Cardi B/Instagram)

Meanwhile, Kulture took off her velvet jacket and made herself, along with her baby doll, comfortable by sitting on top of her mom’s flower displays. — Something that didn’t go over too well. “No no Kulture, don’t sit on my flowers! No! That’s it, come on,” Cardi said as she hurried over to Kulture and picked her up.

Cardi ended her Mother’s Day listening to music with her daughter. She shared a sweet tribute to Kulture over a video of the two that read, “I’m so happy I’m your mommy. I be mentally practicing the talks and discipline I’ll give you when you get older. I hope I make you proud.”

The mother daughter duo sealed their day with a kiss before calling it a night. Cardi shared one last video of her in bed and wrote, “Goodnight, I had the best day.”

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