The hospitalized ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ actor is fitted with a temporary pacemaker after showing irregular heartbeat following leg amputation amid health woes.

AceShowbiz -Comatose Nick Cordero has been fitted with a temporary pacemaker after having an irregular heart rate, as the Broadway star continues to battle various health woes.

The “Rock of Ages” actor has been fighting for his life in a Los Angeles hospital intensive care unit since last month, March 2020 when he was initially thought to be suffering from pneumonia.

He tested negative at the time for Covid-19, but as his condition worsened, Cordero was found to have actually contracted the virus, and ended up having his right leg amputated last weekend, April 18, 2020 after experiencing blood flow issues.

Now, wife Amanda Kloots told fans online the operation to fit the pacemaker was a success, after revealing the star’s irregular heartbeat “scared” doctors.

“So we just got a call from the doctors about Nick and it looks like he had some irregular heart beating last night that scared them enough to want to do a temporary pacemaker in Nick’s heart,” she explained. “His heart is functioning well but he’s had these dips in his heart rate for a little while now, and this one last night apparently was enough to require them to do this procedure.”

Adding that doctors hope the pacemaker will help out with any future procedures, she continued, “Friday seems to be the day where we get some crazy news… I always get a little nervous when they have to take him to do anything just because he is so fragile.”

However, about an hour later, Amanda shared that the doctors were pleased with her husband’s progress, telling fans, “We just got a report from the hospital that he’s back in his room. Procedure went well. He’s doing OK after the pacemaker (was) put in… Everything’s good. Right at three o’clock we got the call. So good one.”

Earlier in the day, Amanda revealed Nick had been retested for coronavirus and the results came up negative, adding, “We think the virus is out of his system and now we’re just dealing with recovery and getting his body back from all the repercussions of the virus.”

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