Strictly: Dan Walker on routine that 'went too far'

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Some people said ‘I cannot believe you are dancing with Nadiya. She is gorgeous’

Dan Walker

“There were a section of my mates who were [jealous],” Dan has confessed.

“Some people said ‘I cannot believe you are dancing with Nadiya. She is gorgeous’.”

In a move that may aggravate his pals even more, he has revealed that the pair have formed a “close bond”.

However, Dan is happily married to wife Sarah Walker, with whom he shares three children, while Nadiya is in a committed relationship with Slovenian footballer Matija Skarabot, with whom she shares a baby daughter.

Elsewhere, Dan recently complained about Nadiya after revealing his partner had accidentally injured him in rehearsals.

It later emerged he had been left with blood pouring from his mouth after a Charleston move went wrong.

“High point: I think I can swivel. Low point: Nadiya kneed me in the chin,” he joked on Instagram later that day.

An embarrassed Nadiya apologised for her blunder, before quickly adding: “Yes, you can swivel, [so] let’s focus on this, not your chin!”

Dan has been working hard on the routines he has to master for the dance competition.

Perhaps maintaining the practise is necessary, after he admitted to “nearly killing someone” while swivelling his cane with an over-enthusiastic flourish during a previous on-stage performance.

He was forced to apologise after the “risky” move was deemed to have gone too far, although a nonplussed Nadiya clarified that she feels totally “safe” in his hands.

Dan also addressed the so-called Strictly curse, which sees celebrities and their professional partners ending relationships to start romances with each other during or after the show.

“On this programme, if you ever get on with someone, people start doing the normal talk,” he acknowledged, discussing the matter.

“But for me, in my head, I have never even thought about the [Strictly] curse,” Dan explained.

“For me, I [just] think about the blessing a great friendship is,” he added, diplomatically.

“That is what I have got out of this. We have become really good friends.

“And she has become a big part of our family. My kids love her and she gets on really well with my wife.”

Nadiya concurred: “We got on straight away.”

She has even suggested that the two will enjoy a “forever” friendship.

Fans tuning into BBC1 this Saturday at 6:35pm will be treated to Dan and Nadiya’s eagerly awaited performance of the American Smooth for Musicals Week.

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