The actor known for his portrayal of Uri on ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ was found kneeling in a reclining chair in his living room after worried co-workers called police since he had been out of contact for days.

AceShowbiz -The cause of Dimitri Diatchenko‘s death is still under investigation, but it has been revealed that he was involved in a work-related accident just days before his passing. In a statement released by his representative, the late “Chernobyl Diaries” actor was suggested to have passed away after he got electrocuted while on work.

“Actor, voiceover artist and musician Dimitri Diatchenko passed away suddenly on April 21, 2020, in Daytona Beach, Florida,” a statement from the 52-year-old’s representative to Fox News read. “Furthering autopsy results, it appeared to be either a heart attack or related to being shocked by 220v of electricity while on the job the week prior.”

The incident at work itself reportedly took place on April 13. Since then, the “Sons of Anarchy” star was said to have been taking some days off to heal and rest. One of his colleagues shared that during their last contact on Monday, April 20, the actor admitted he was not yet fully recovering from the mishap.

The actor, who made an appearance in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull“, was said to be out of contact from his co-workers for days afterwards. It prompted them to call the police in Daytona Beach, Florida on Wednesday, April 22, who found him at home kneeling in a reclining chair in his living room. It was reported that there was an empty bottle of a drug beside him.

Diatchenko passed away a little over a week after his birthday celebration that fell on April 11. Aside from portraying Yuri on “Chernobyl Diaries”, he landed roles on such series as, “Bones“, “2 Broke Girls“, “Criminal Minds” and “How I Met Your Mother“. His big screen debut was in Ridley Scott’s “G.I. Jane” back in 1997. His last big screen appearance was in 2016’s “They’re Watching“.

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