Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones’ wife Dee, 49, has addressed her husband’s newfound heartthrob status, after his daily updates on coronavirus on the ITV show. His spouse however claimed he is not currently “looking his best”.

I might not get as much of his attention as normal, but I’m happy to share him.


While Dr Hilary Jones has been popping up on the nation’s TV screens giving his best medical advice during the coronavirus outbreak, his wife Dee has opened up on how she feels about her husband “still turning heads”.

She told The Sun: “I love that people are admiring his looks.

“Good for him. He’s 67 and still turning heads.”

Dee then went on to say how proud she is of her daytime TV partner: “‘I might not get as much of his attention as normal, but I’m happy to share him.


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“I’m the proudest wife in the world.”

Dee also explained how her partner, who has been branded a “Silver Fox Doc”, isn’t “even looking his best”.

She explained to the publication: “It’s quite funny because he’s been doing his own make-up and dressing himself instead of having a stylist, so he’s not even looking his best.”

Dr Hilary and Dee married in 2016, after their first meeting in 2008, which came after he parted ways from his second wife.

While Dee, who worked on fitness workouts for celebrity fitness DVDs, reflected on the time she and the doctor first met.

The personal trainer mentioned how they “really got on”.

She said: “I was the GMTV fitness expert helping people get in shape for summer and he was the doctor giving health advice.

“We were filming in Spain and really got on.”

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Dee then said how it was a year later after filming together, that they became a couple and haven’t looked back since.

The 49-year-old added: “A year later we were both at a friend’s wedding, re-connected and we’ve been together ever since.”

While Dr Hilary was giving his medical advice to viewers at home on yesterday’s show, the doctor told people they shouldn’t be napping throughout the day during the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: “It’s important to be able to switch off, to distract yourself – exercise is really important because that helps you to get to sleep and sleep well.


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“Napping during the day is a no-no.”

He continued: “If you nap during the day it will definitely impinge on your quality of sleep in the night.

Dr Hilary then went on to advise people to “keep yourself busy” instead of having rest in the day.

He explained: “If you feel a bit sleepy in the afternoon, usually after lunch, keep yourself busy – maybe do your exercise then.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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