Sophie Brussaux took to Instagram to share a new photo of her and Drake’s adorable son Adonis as he celebrated Earth Day while posing in front of one of her paintings.

Drake‘s son Adonis looked adorable as ever in a new photo shared by his mom Sophie Brussaux, 31, via Instagram on April 23. The three-year-old flashed a huge smile for the camera and looked as cute as can be while sporting his curly blond hair for the snapshot.

Adonis sported blue sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt which bore an image of the planet in celebration of Earth Day. He pointed to the art piece by mom who had painted a matching earth on her canvas. “Everyday is #EarthDay!! My fav little human proudly showcasing mommy’s painting [heart emoji] hoping to give you a better world mon amoureux,” Sophie captioned the post.

Fans flooded to the comments section to gush over the “Toosie Slide” rapper’s son. “It’s the curly hair and the mega watt smile for me,” one follower replied. “Awww he’s just the cutest! Love his curls! Great smile,” another commented. One Instagram follower @elishaangel clearly knew Sophie and replied, “He’s getting so big.” Sophie responded, “They do get big fast these little monsters…remember when we were FaceTiming 1yo little Cam, and now your son is pretty much going to college.” Her friend offered some advice, “Cherish this age because soon that’s gonna be Adonis.”

Adonis has grown up in front of our eyes and luckily we’ve been able to see it through the numerous photos his doting parents post on social media. One of the most recent showed the 34-year-old rapper resting his head on the tot’s shoulder while laying down and closing his eyes. Drake’s sweet little boy tilted his head to comfort his father as he held a bowlful of snacks. He captioned the heartwarming pic with a fingers crossed emoji.

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