Ed Gamble says he was 'snubbed' at the BAFTAs

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Comedian Ed Gamble, 35, has detailed his mixed emotions over having to postpone his wedding to his girlfriend Charlie Jamison repeatedly due to the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The star, who makes regular appearances on Mock the Week and Taskmaster, admitted the delays now merely feel “annoying”, after going through an emotional rollercoaster due to calling off their ceremony initially.

Charlie, who works in TV production, and Ed were set to tie the knot in April 2020, before the first national lockdown hit.

Sharing a rare insight into his personal life, Ed revealed in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk: “It was a real rollercoaster because the first time we had to postpone it was April 2020, and that was obviously in the thick of it being the really worrying start of the pandemic. 

“And it just felt very new and very raw, and that wasn’t a nice feeling to have to postpone the wedding then. 

“We moved it to March 2020 thinking, well let’s shift it, because they were trying to get us to shift to October because they thought it will all be over by then. 

“Sensible, we thought, move it to March 2021, it will definitely be over by then. And of course it wasn’t.”

The couple, who have been dating since 2011, then attempted to reschedule their nuptials to January 2021 and were happy to settle for a smaller ceremony.

However, this wasn’t possible either due to restrictions returning.

Ed added: “And even in January this year, we were going to do a small ceremony, and just have, how ever many it was that we were allowed, like, you know, just a few people. 


“We couldn’t even do that.”

Detailing his thoughts on the problem, Ed admitted: “Now it’s just annoying, the second time we moved it, it was just an admin. 

“The first time, it was quite emotional, so now we’re just we’re trying it, we’ve actually been back to the venue today, so hopefully we’ll be able to do it in September. 

“In fact, we are, whatever form it takes.”

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Despite the difficulties, Ed said the whole situation has proven to him and his fiancée that they want to get married.

Ed quipped: “It has proved to both of us that we definitely want to get married. 

“We are now, gritted teeth, we are determined to get married, which is probably not the right vibe for a wedding.

“We are just going to run down the aisle and race through the ceremony, but it’s gonna happen and we’re trying to get excited about it again.

“But also, in the back of our mind, thinking it might not be exactly what we wanted, but fingers crossed.”

He added: “I always feel like I need to add the caveat that people have been through a lot worse. 

“We’ve been very lucky, you know, we live in a house with a garden, and we can both work from home and having to move our wedding is very small compared to what a lot of people have been through.

“But hopefully, hopefully, we’ll get there!”

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