Actress Ellen Pompeo has responded to criticism over a newly resurfaced clip of the “Grey’s Anatomy” star appearing to empathize with convicted rapist, Harvey Weinstein.

Pompeo, 50, has been accused by many of victim blaming in the controversial clip cut from an hour-long Oxford Union Q&A. The television star was quick to assure fans the snippet is being taken out of context and that the featured panel discussion took place before the flood of accusations against the former film exec came to light.

“Hey girls sorry if video clips are upsetting!!,” Pompeo tweeted Thursday afternoon. “It’s out of context & it’s too serious a subject to talk about on a platform like this…people who have been abused or assaulted should seek guidance from a therapist… this is not a healthy place for topics this serious.”

She continued, “For those who feel offended or are taking this personally this panel was 2 + years ago and it was way before the whole stories of the women came out I Certainly didn’t know he was a rapist at that point … that took shit to a whole different level.”

During the July 2018 discussion in question, the actress addressed women who may have found themselves in compromising positions with Weinstein, saying, “I think we bear some responsibility, not all, but it takes two to tango for sure.

“That’s not to blame the victim, that’s just to say — I did go into a room with Harvey Weinstein, I sat at a table with him, I had a probably two and a half hours with him. He never said anything inappropriate to me, he never made any sort of physical advance to me.”

In 2017 — prompted by the #MeToo movement — exposés by The New York Times and The New Yorker accused Weinstein of preying on Hollywood stars for over 30 years.

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