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Sophia Macy is proving she can get into a prestigious university all by herself – a year after her mom was wrapped up in the college admissions scandal.

Xavier Cruz, the owner of New York men’s grooming boutique Barba, talks about teaching hair skills to Billy Porter. And how can former Giant Victor Cruz and his girlfriend possibly spend “20 hours a day” on FaceTime?

Here’s a closer look at today’s stories:

Sophia Macy is headed to college

Sophia Macy, the daughter of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, has triumphantly proven that she could get accepted to college all by herself.

Huffman didn’t believe her oldest daughter had what it took to get into her first-choice college. The “Desperate Housewives” star tried to cheat on her daughter’s behalf by paying $15,000 to have her SAT answers covertly corrected. Huffman served 11 days in jail for the plot.

A source told Page Six that Macy retook her SAT — and that she’s been accepted to prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Super ‘Quarencuts’

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“[Porter] was my first student. So we were both nervous. We were both sweating. And he did a really, really good job, I have to say. He’s a natural,” said the stylist.

Facetime marathon of love

Former Giant Victor Cruz said he and girlfriend Karrueche Tran go “20 hours a day” on FaceTime while being in lockdown apart.

Cruz told Page Six that he’s in New York and Tran’s in LA “with her family.”

“I’m in this solo and it’s not fun at all,” he said, “but we probably talk 20 hours a day on FaceTime.”

Cruz said that Tran is even giving him cooking lessons over the video chat app.

“I’m buying different meats and fish, and she’s literally on FaceTime walking me through things, and it comes out great,” said the co-host of E!’s “Pop of the Morning.” “I am an expert at turkey tacos.”

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