Rapper French Montana has now been accused of alleged sexual assault by two different women.

This, after a 2020 accusation in which an anonymous woman came forward with a lawsuit against the artist, alleging he plied her with alcohol and raped her during a party at his home back in 2018.

Both new accusations were brought forward by women who went on camera to share their stories.

In one, Sarah Kamilla took to YouTube with a new video published on Monday alleging the rapper attempted to rape her at the W Hotel during a dinner party roughly four years ago.

Kamilla alleged that things started after she met Belly, an artist and songwriter associated with French, The Weeknd, and other major performing artists. She and Belly hit it off as friends and he eventually invited her to a dinner party one night, as she explained (below):

“So was like, ‘I’m having a dinner party tomorrow, come and bring whoever you want.” So I went, and brought my friend, her name is Molly. So we pulled up to the W Hotel, and we were having dinner. We were having Chinese. I didn’t even know French Montana was going to be there. I could care less. … I was sober, I was 19 or 20 years old at that point.”

Kamilla described a largely fun night where she was hanging out with Belly and enjoying the gathering; in the video, she also shared numerous screenshots of text messages about the event, along with Instagram Stories video clips taken at the dinner itself, confirming her attendance.

At one point, though, she had to get up and use the bathroom — and that’s when all hell allegedly broke loose. She recalled:

“I went downstairs to go to the bathroom, I closed the door and used the bathroom. I’m washing my hands, and out of nowhere, French Montana walks into the bathroom, and closes the door behind him. He pulls his d**k out, pulls my skirt up, I had a pencil skirt on, and he pulled me towards him. Basically, he was trying to rape me. … He literally had me cornered in a bathroom. … When I told him to get off me, he told me, ‘I’m the king of Morocco.’”

OMG… Here is Kamilla’s full video with the explanation of her allegations, the screenshots, and more, but again, be warned, as it has to do with serious, triggering content regarding sexual assault:

So awful…

In a second video published to YouTube on Tuesday, another woman named Kayla Rose came forward claiming she, too, was assaulted by French. In her video, Rose shared the alleged incident occurred in Las Vegas back in 2018, and added that she actually filed a police report about it last year. She described how she was first introduced to Khloé Kardashian‘s ex in 2018 by a mutual friend after she recently moved to Las Vegas. Rose and her friend went to a night club where French was performing, and from there, they joined the rapper’s entourage on a trip back to his hotel suite.

Rose alleged:

“He asked me to go to his room in his hotel suite because everyone else was in the living room area. I went in there, and he said he doesn’t want us to be driving drunk or anything… he was playing polite, and he said that he’ll get a hotel room for me and my friend to stay in so she can sober up, and in the morning, we’ll go get massages. And when I got there, I found out he actually kicked two of his entourage people out of their room for us to stay in.”

She continued from there, explaining how she woke up sober the next morning and prepared to leave:

“I walk into French Montana’s suite. … My friend is on the bed, and French Montana gets up from the bed, still in his boxers. He comes near the bed, behind me, and starts touching me a little bit. And I’m like, ‘No.’ I’m still kind of being nice about it, but I’m definitely letting him know that, no, I’m not interested in him touching me or anything like that. I was actually even celibate at the time, and that was really important to me.”


She furthered:

“He ushers me into the suite’s other room, and into a bathroom, and I’m not sure why I followed him in there. … He was touching me again, I was in a corner, and it got to the point where he took his penis out, and I knew I did not want to pursue it and I so, just, I did not want that to happen to me. So I actually choked him.”

Holy s**t!

Here is Rose’s full video (below), with her specific sexual assault allegations beginning at about the 8-minute mark:


These are serious, serious allegations.

Especially coming on the heels of the aforementioned anonymous rape accusations we reported on last year. Interesting to hear both of these women citing that incident as a reason for them coming forward, too, as they were disturbed to learn this alleged pattern of behavior.

Scary, scary stuff.

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