Gemma Collins has opened up on her devastation after vile trolls secretly filmed her working out in a gym and posted the footage online, cruelly calling her a “fat pig”.

The 39 year old called the experience "really traumatic”, as she opened up on the latest edition of her BBC show The Gemma Collins Podcast.

Former TOWIE star Gemma revealed the horrifying experience as she explained why she does not work out in the gym anymore and instead prefers other forms of exercise.

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She said: "I often go for walks but the newest thing I've done – and fallen in absolute love with it – is bike riding.

"I bought myself a bike in isolation and a helmet and I love it. It's built my confidence up because not everyone is confident to exercise.

"I've been in gyms before and people have recorded me on their mobile phones and uploaded it on Facebook and said: 'Look at this fat pig' which has been really traumatic for me to see."

Gemma went on to talk about first finding fame and how she was told to attend gruelling exercise classes. and in turn, had a negative attitude towards her body.

She said: "When I first became known in public I was sent off to bootcamps.

"I was thrown into all this madness of weight loss and weight gain and I was made to feel ashamed of my body.

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"It's something we couldn't speak about back then but I'm telling the truth. It's something that now probably wouldn't be allowed to happen.

"I can remember I lost three and a half stone weight loss. It was painful, it was excruciating, it was hell. I had to exercise eight hours a day. It was very tiring, very exhausting. I came away seeing exercise as punishment.

"There was something in my brain when it came to exercising – my stomach would churn, my heart would go and beat funny. I'd be like: 'I just don't want to do this.'

"I'd get a mental block. I do like exercising. It makes you feel good and gets the endorphins going. So I decided to do low impact exercise and exercise I enjoy."

Gemma, who is in an on-and-off relationship with James Argent, says that she has been getting super fit during lockdown, revealing: “I've got super healthy in quarantine, I've been going on bike rides. I've been riding a bike for an hour a day.

"I did try Joe Wicks' one, but on the TV it said to say Pikachu… Pokémon or something, I dunno…

"Then I realised I was doing the kiddie version. Never went back to it."

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