James Martin told off after interrupting conversation with blender

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James Martin, 49, has hit out at those who voted Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, as he urged them to stop “blaming bl**dy Brexit” for food shortages. The famous chef revealed it is not the UK’s departure from the EU impacting the amount of produce on shop shelves, but instead it is a “perfect storm of everything”.

The This Morning star is gearing up to release his new book all about butter and spoke on how food shortages are not holding chefs in the UK back from using fresh products.

He remarked: “Don’t blame bl**dy Brexit, get off your a**e.

“It’s not Brexit, it’s the perfect storm of everything.

“It’s about the way we, as Brits, think of food. We’ve become reliant on convenience. We expect carrots to be washed for us and strawberries on the shelves in November. 

“When it’s not all there, we kick-off,” he added to i News.

However, despite his negative remarks about Remainers, James insists he is not “pro-Brexit”.

He added:  “Oh no. We’re Europeans and I’m in hospitality. But we can’t turn the clock back. You’ve got to get on with it.”

The outspoken cook is often vocal in his criticism of injustices he deems to notice, and has previously spoken of his anger at the anti-Brexit sentiment that remains, years after the EU referendum. 

Among those he has attacked were Remainers, who shared their fears that as a result of the UK’s exit from the bloc, food shortages could decimate the nation.

Some retailers argued that new regulations could lead to a shortfall in supermarket goods, with the likes of bosses at Tesco voicing their concern.

But James issued a frank assessment of those fears by claiming Brexit hadn’t really worried producers in the UK, as it would give them a chance to blossom in a new chapter away from the bloc.

However, he also admitted in 2017 that “Brexit wasn’t going to be straightforward”.

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He said during a previous interview with the aforementioned publication: “Being a farmer’s kid, I thought the least we can do is support all the amazing producers that produce all the food or wine or beer in the UK.”

The former BBC star said it was time to “talk about what’s amazing about this country and its producers”, as opposed to just “slagging it off and moaning”.

He added: “We are good at moaning and groaning, not so good at praising people.”

Brexit helped the 49-year-old come up with his new show James Martin’s Great British Adventure, which he hoped would give farmers and producers a platform to demonstrate the brilliance of British cuisine.

In 2019, James told the Daily Mail how he planned to travel the country, while eating in the “finest restaurants in the land”, cooking up treats on British beaches and enjoying good old-fashioned chip shops.

He said after the Brexit vote: “I remember thinking, ‘Well, let’s show the country at its best'”, adding: “If one good thing comes out of it, then maybe it’ll be that we support the food we produce.”

Following the continuing demise of high streets across the nation, James also poured further scorn on Remainers’ claims that restaurants could be getting killed off by Brexit.

Speaking after the losses of chains such as Carluccio’s and Jamie’s Italian in February last year, he argued that it was the customers who had contributed to restaurants closing down.

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