Jennifer Lopez is soon to be stepmum to fiancé Alex Rodriguez‘s daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12, and the singer has the sweetest relationship with them. Last week, Ella turned 12, and J-Lo opened up about their close bond as she wished the pre-teen a happy birthday. Taking to Instagram, the Hustlers actress revealed that she had promised Ella her Ralph & Russo lilac dress, which she wore to the 2017 Grammy’s. The gorgeous design features a ruffled neckline and high slit, and Ella has had her eye on it ever since! On the first time they met, J-Lo penned: “You ran to me, sat right on my lap, put your arms around me and asked to have my lavender dress I had just worn to the Grammy’s for when you grew up. You won my heart in a split second.”

Jennifer Lopez has promised Ella her Ralph & Russo Grammy’s dress

Luckily for Ella, Jennifer has saved the dress for her, as well as many other gowns to split between the star’s daughter Emme, 12, and Ella’s older sister Natasha, 15. The dancer previously told Entertainment Tonight that the girls often discuss which outfits they want to have when they are older. “Ella told me: ‘I want your [Grammy’s] dress with the orchid,’ and Emme is like: ‘What about that [dress], mummy? Are we going to keep that? Don’t throw that out.’ They tell me all the time,” she said.

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J-Lo has a close relationship with Alex Rodriguez’s daughters

Although Ella celebrated her birthday in lockdown, her family made sure that she still had a special day. The pre-teen’s proud dad A-Rod shared photos on Instagram of their festivities, including one of his daughter’s incredible birthday cake, which consisted of three layers, and was themed around music, complete with an edible pair of gold headphones. On the day, Ella was joined by her family and friends near her home in Miami. Non-family members were invited to attend the celebrations in their cars to abide by the social distancing rules. The birthday girl was joined by both A-Rod and J-Lo, her sister Natasha, and Jennifer’s 12-year-old twins Emme and Max. Ella’s mum, Cynthia Scurtis, was also present at the party.

The Hustlers star paid a sweet tribute to Ella last week on her birthday

A-Rod and Jennifer’s children all get on incredibly well, and the celebrity couple have previously spoken out about their kids’ close relationship. Talking to People, the Selina actress said: “Kids are so beautiful and open to love and new friends. I was so loving to his kids and he was so loving and accepting of mine, and they embraced each other right away. [It was] ‘I get a new bonus brother and sisters to hang out with all the time and it’s nice.'”

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