Joe Keery said he was “deeply” upset after hateful messages were sent out on his hacked Twitter account over the weekend.

The “Stranger Things” star took to Twitter on Monday night to confirm he was the victim of a cyber attack, writing, “Hey everyone, I was hacked as I’m sure everyone knows. What a bummer that someone would go to such great lengths to spread hate.”

Keery, 27, continued, “I want to apologize for the horrible comments that were posted, it was deeply upsetting to me. Much love to you all in these crazy times.”

Many fans supported Keery after his apology message, with one person commenting, “hi Joe i’m so sorry you had to deal with that :/ yeah what they said was very disturbing but we all know it could have never been you. i hope you stay safe both physically and online!! take care, we all still love you.”

On Sunday, racist comments using the N-word and claims the actor was “molested” on his Netflix show appeared on Keery’s Twitter account.

A spokesperson for Twitter told us on Monday, “As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we locked the compromised account and investigated the situation. We’re working closely with the account holder to restore the account.”

Keery’s account was temporarily suspended, but it has now been reactivated.

The @aqua_chuckling account, which claimed to have stolen Keery’s phone and “kidnapped” the actor, was suspended.

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