2015 was the year everything went to hell in the Duggar family. That was when In Touch Weekly began doing some real-deal investigative journalism into Josh Duggar. As it turns out, Josh molested at least five children when he was a teenager, and two of those children were his younger sisters. The reason In Touch had information to FOIA-request was because law enforcement had been contacted in some of the cases, but Josh got away with less than a slap on the wrist – he was basically sent to a camp to pray away his predatory tendencies. That was a long-running saga and the Duggars have attempted “comebacks” over the years. Josh is still accepted as part of the family, but from what I understand, his sisters have gotten some emotional and physical distance from him.

The molestations were only part of the story though. Like so many Christian cults, there has always been a lot of shady sh-t going on with the Duggar family finances. Josh is part-owner of a “car dealership” in Arkansas, and there have been widespread rumors that the dealership is little more than a money laundering front or something far worse. In 2019, Homeland Security raided the dealership… and it didn’t seem like anything came of it. So now this happened:

Josh Duggar is in custody in Arkansas … federal law enforcement sources tell TMZ. The reality star was arrested Thursday by federal agents in Washington County, and he’s being held in a detention center without bail.

We’ve obtained Duggar’s mug shot, showing the former reality star posing with a bizarre smirk.

As we reported … back in November 2019, Homeland Security agents were crawling around the car dealership where Duggar works in Arkansas, raiding his office in connection to a federal probe.

Josh’s only current legal dispute, as far as we know, is a civil lawsuit filed against him for real estate fraud. It would appear his latest arrest is for something far more severe, though it’s unclear exactly why he’s been taken in.

[From TMZ]

No one is saying what the charges are or why the feds are involved. The 2019 Homeland Security raid on the car dealership might have been part of a larger investigation, and it could be that federal authorities have been given free rein to make arrests now that we’re 100 days into into a Biden administration – I’m just saying, I imagine the Bill Barr DOJ likely sheltered a lot of these far-right wingnuts from investigations and prosecutions. I honestly hope that the arrest isn’t for what I think it’s for. I hope it’s just illegal business activities.

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Josh’s wife Anna just announced that she’s pregnant with their seventh child, a girl, last weekend.


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