While some in the family want straight-up slap Mama June for abandoning her children, others have found a healthier way to vent.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson took to the stage in the latest Mama June: Family Crisis, her mother was the butt of most of her jokes.

On Friday’s new episode, Alana took to the stand-up stage for the first time.

Some of her jokes were exactly what one might expect, like “I live in a double-wide with a bunch of triple-wide people.”

But the 14-year-old reality star’s series of jokes zeroed in on her mother.

Maybe this was just her way of making headlines … but cracking jokes at June’s expense must have been a little cathartic for the teen.

Not all of her jokes made it to the stage, however.

“My mama’s had a lot of surgeries,” Alana pitched before taking the stage. “She had to get real skinny, real slim.”

She then quipped: “She’s been under the knife more times than Michael Jackson.”

Her coach then advised her to steer clear of MJ. That’s good advice — he remains a deeply polarizing figure.

“Mama is having a tough time right now,” Alana acknowledged. “That’s okay, she’ll push through.”

“We just keep telling her to keep her chins up, all three of them,” she jokes.

Alana continued: “Couple of them [chins] have hairs, it’s okay though.”

We can’t say that body-shaming is our favorite form of humor, but Alana’s talking about herself and her mom.

“A lot of people ask, ‘what does your mom see in Geno?’” Alana’s jokes continue.

Pretty much everyone has been asking that for a long time now.

“And the answer is nothing,” Alana reveals.

She correctly points out that “she’s legally blind! She can’t see.” That’s a genuinely good joke.

“My dad Sugar Bear wasn’t good for her,” Alana acknowledges on stage.

Her father, a real piece of work himself, was in the audience.

“Geno wasn’t good for her,” she adds.

“Really,” Alana jokes, “the only man in her life that has been good to her is Ben and Jerry.”

“My sister’s name is Pumpkin,” Alana begins another joke.

Obviously, she is referring to her older sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, who is acting as her caretaker at the moment.

Of her sister’s nickname, Alana continues “which is the closest we ever got to a fruit or vegetable.”

Pumpkins are gourds, and since gourds grow on vines and are filled with seeds, they are fruits.

“People do stand-up comedy, right?” Alana asks while on stage, doing stand-up comedy.

She then jokes: “But stand-up in my house is, like, trying to get off the couch!”

We hope to see Alana one day grow beyond jokes at her own expense, particularly when it comes to the size of people’s flesh prisons.

But she had a very successful start — and any help that she had preparing for the show was smart, considering that she is just 14.

As we suggested, Alana probably found the jokes to be a little cathartic, given that her mom chose drugs and a man over her own family.

Meanwhile, it looks like this Friday’s episode is going to have a lot of false hope … followed by a nasty twist.

We all know that June isn’t going ot magically recover during this season — she still hasn’t.

But watching the family’s heartbreak over June’s antics is an experience all on its own.

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