Lili Reinhart is currently out promoting her new Netflix movie Look Both Ways!

The Riverdale star opened up on Good Morning America on Wednesday (August 10) about what she found comforting with the movie and which side was more fun to play.

“It was more interesting to play the single mom version since I’m not a mother in real life, and that’s you know, something that I haven’t experienced at the moment,” she said. “Definitely playing a mother since I’m not in real life was just more interesting for me.”

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When asked what she hopes people take away from the movie, Lili shared what she found comforting with the film.

“I think when I read it, I found it very comforting that at the end of the movie, there is no wrong decision. There was no wrong choice or wrong path,” Lili said. “Things worked out for this girl in both lifetimes, and that was very heartwarming for me. There is no wrong decision.”

In case you missed it, Look Both Ways comes out on Netflix next Wednesday (August 17). Check out the trailer!

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