Love Island’s Malin Andersson has revealed she has suffered a devastating miscarriage.

The heartbreaking news comes two years after the death of her baby daughter, Consy.

Malin, 28, shared the tragic news on Instagram as she posted a picture showing pregnancy tests and wrote: “Hi everyone, Obviously I have disappeared for a bit and I have had hundreds of messages from people asking if I am okay and sending me love.

"I appreciate every single message and it means a lot that you all want to make sure I am okay.

“Sometimes I need to take time to deal with my life privately, as my life is so public, I needed to take time out.

“The past few months haven’t been easy for me, but there is also something else I would like to address.

“You all know that I am very transparent about taboo subjects, and I like to shed light on things that are often not spoken about and especially trauma I have experienced myself.

“I found out I was pregnant – and I then soon after miscarried. It pains me to talk about this in detail right now due to what happened to Consy.. but I want you all to know that miscarriage doesn’t discriminate and it can happen to anyone. Even when you think you have gone through enough.

“I’ll be fine – my strength never ceases to amaze me sometimes but I felt that I needed to share this with you all as I’ve never been one to hold anything back – especially when I know it can help someone else.”

Malin was inundated with support from fans and celebrity friends.

Anna Vakili wrote: "So sorry Malin. you’re so strong. sending lots of love.”

Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore wrote: “Sending love malin”, along with love heart emojis.

Jake Quickeneden commented: “So sorry mate”, while TOWIE’s Lauren Pope wrote: “Sending you so much love.”

Malin tragically lost her baby daughter Consy in 2019 when she was just one month old after she was born seven weeks prematurely.

The star remembered her baby daughter on the second anniversary of her death in January as she wrote on Instagram: “I’m in such deep thought today after visiting her grave.

“I can’t stop thinking about what her personality would have been like.”

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