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EXCLUSIVE: This year, Mother’s Day will be sweeter than usual for many.

Last year, families across the U.S. were forced to hold off on the physical joys of the holiday amid pandemic fears and restrictions. But this time around, vaccinations and abiding by post-shot waiting periods have brought more security and comfort to bring on the hugs and kisses in person.  

Several of Hollywood’s most beloved TV moms are banding together this year for a certain cause. They’re hoping to raise awareness on Doors of Change, a non-profit organization that works to get homeless children and teens off the streets. For decades, it has helped place over 2,000 youth in safe housing.  

Several beloved Hollywood moms, like ‘Lassie’ star June Lockhart, have teamed up to raise awareness on Doors of Change, a non-profit that works to help get homeless youth off the streets.
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“What a wonderful and unprecedented gift of these talented TV moms, to come together in support of homeless youth,” Doors of Change founder Jeffrey Sitcov told Fox News. “Most of these youth come from dysfunctional, abusive homes or they have been kicked out because they are LGBTQ. Once on the streets, they do not trust any adult. We have found the key to developing trust with homeless youth very quickly: our music and art instruction builds trust months sooner than typical outreach programs.”

“This is critical because it is only after homeless youth trust you that they will ask for help,” he continued. “Our full-time case manager then helps these youth get the resources that they need: ID, food stamps, medical insurance, mental health and domestic violence referrals, dental and vision care, housing and jobs.”

Some of Hollywood’s notable moms spoke to Fox News about their greatest role:

Karen Grassle

Karen Grassle and her son.
(Photo courtesy of Karen Grassle)

Karen Grassle, who starred as Caroline Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie” said this year is all about taking care of yourself. “Moms have to find a way to nourish themselves and maintain their strength,” she said. “Or as it is said, ‘If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.'”

This year, the actress will be enjoying a hike in a new area with her son – and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “The first thing I knew that my life would be forever different in perspective now was that this person relied on me,” she described on becoming a parent. “I had been quite selfish really. [It taught me] patience. This was huge. I learned to wait in a whole new way. Peacefully. Belonging to this baby.”

Today, Grassle is still grateful that fans lovingly refer to her as “ma.” “I’m very touched by how much people love ‘ma’ and I get to be the beneficiary of their love,” she said. “I really worked hard, sometimes struggled, to bring a woman’s consciousness to the show and I’m so happy people can relate…. [it] utterly changed my life!”

Ilene Graff

Ilene Graff and her daughter.
(Photo courtesy of Ilene Graff)

Ilene Graff, who played Marsha Cameron Owens on “Mr. Belvedere,” described motherhood as “the biggest wake-up call.” “You are not the center of the universe!” said the actress. “Auditions? Jobs? Hustling? All take second position to the helpless human you brought into the world. And that overpowering love is like no other.” 

Graff said one of the joys she experienced as a mom was carving out quality time solely for her children. “‘Mr. Belvedere’ was a half-hour, 4-camera comedy performed before a live studio audience, which meant we worked reasonable hours,” she explained. “… So I had lots of time at home with my daughter Nikka and husband, Ben Lanzarone. Ben is a composer who works from home, so we were able to share many parenting responsibilities. I was very lucky that I was able to pretty easily balance the demands of my life at the time.”  

“Listen to your child – really listen,” Graff shared. “Take their concerns seriously and always be there to support them. And remember to have fun! Kids are a blast, and I will always treasure the years we had laughing and doing silly things.”

Marion Ross

Marion Ross and her daughter.
(Photo courtesy of Marion Ross.)

“If you’ve been vaccinated, plan to spend time with your mother,” Marion Ross advised. “You’ve missed each other. Just being together is what counts. I want all of you to get vaccinated and wear your masks. There are happier days ahead!”

The “Happy Days” matriarch said she cherishes wonderful memories of her own mom, a teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada. “She taught me I could be anything I wanted to be,” said Ross. “I tried to teach that to my children, and be as good a mother as she was.”

June Lockhart

June Lockhart and her daughter.
(Photo courtesy of June Lockhart)

Like Ross, June Lockhart encourages readers who didn’t get to see their mothers last year to get vaccinated and stay safe. “This year we can make up for lost time and share some hugs,” said the “Lassie” and “Lost in Space” star. “For our families, it’s about being present.”

The actress hopes her roles will inspire fans to connect with their loved ones. “I was fortunate to have been given these wonderful parts to play,” she said. “It makes me happy to hear from fans who tell me that they pretend I was their mom. There was always a kindness to these TV moms with a little lesson for everyone.”

“For quite a bit of my career, I was a single mom,” Lockhart shared. “Being together was so important to me. I loved planning little trips and adventures whenever I could. As a parent, you give your child roots and wings. Sometimes it is hard, but the best thing any parent can do is to keep your judgments to yourself. Have confidence that you have done the right thing for your family, and always make time for each other.”

Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace and her daughter.
(Photo courtesy of Dee Wallace)

Dee Wallace said brunch and gifts are always nice, but what a mother really wants on her special day is to be shown how much they matter to their children. “It’s about holding her in respect and love for bringing you into the world, and doing the best she could,” said the actress. “Just love. That’s all mothers really want.”

As for motherhood, the “E.T.” star called it “the best production of my life.”

“If I had never done anything else with my life, creating my daughter would be enough,” said Wallace. “I always took her to every location and we had wonderful memories we created together. Somehow, I made it to almost every performance, ballgame, and recital. I was even homeroom mom for seven years. Best part of my life.”

Michael Learned

Michael Learned and her sons.
(Photo courtesy of Michael Learned)

If you don’t know what to give your mom this year, Michael Learned recommended writing a special handwritten note listing all the things you are thankful for. And for fellow moms, “The Waltons” star said simply embrace your family. “Love your precious loans from God, your children,” said the actress. “Listen and hear them. Be respectful. Cherish them. Guide them. Enjoy them. Learn from them.”

In remembering the early years, Learned recalled how it was bittersweet balancing a high-profile career and motherhood. “When my kids were little and told me they were frustrated when they needed me and I wasn’t there, I suggested they write the problem down on a piece of paper and put it in my jewelry box,” she said. “I would read their notes when I got home and we would talk at breakfast. Sometimes the notes were: ‘Have a great day! I love you mommy. Sometimes I hate you why do you have to work? Sometimes I miss you sooo much.’ That one would always kill me.”

As for fans of Olivia Walton, Learned said to remember that all real-life moms aren’t perfect. “When people say, ‘I wish you had been my mom,’ it always makes me feel a little sad,” said Learned. “Olivia was a fictional character. We all wish she had been our mother. I tried to get [producer] Earl Hammer to let her make mistakes because all mothers do at times.”

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