If there is one thing that 90 Day Fiance trolls love, it's to give Nicole Nafziger grief.

They have tried to shame her for "lying" about Azan.

They have mom-shamed her, body-shamed her, and tried new forms of trolling that don't have a shame-hyphen name yet.

Now, a new troll strolled into her comments with a new message.

This commenter says that there's no way that Nicole and Azan's relationship can work out — that it's always been doomed.

Why? Because, they claim, Nicole is a bad person.

Nicole is shutting that down.

1.Nicole wants fans to PLEASE be nice

2.They HATE her relationship with Azan

3.She's back now, by the way

4.And that's not all!

5.Another family milestone

6.Some were simply ignorant

7.Obviously, trolls swarmed her

8.May is having quite the August

9.Once again …

10.Then Nicole received this message.

11.Okay, so what does that mean?

12.Then there's haram

13.And "zina?"

14.So, in other words

15.Dress it up any way that you like …

16.Nicole clapped back

17.That's … actually really polite

18.We think we know where that comes from

19.It's okay for fans to have questions or concerns

20.It's possible to root for Nicole without supporting the engagement

21.Trolls don't have nuanced opinions

22.Instead, she focuses on the good

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