Jinger Duggar is catching flak for her latest Instagram post. After the Counting On star shared a photo of herself and her husband strolling in the rain, some people slammed the seemingly staged photo. They wanted to know who was really taking the apparently candid snap and hinted that Jinger was trying too hard to present a perfect image for social media. 

Jinger Duggar says she loves walking in the rain 

In the April 16, post, Jinger shared her thoughts on walking in the rain. 

“Does anyone else love walking in the rain?” she asked. “There’s something about it that’s just very calming to me. Of course, it’s always better when you’re sharing the walk with someone you hold very dear to your heart.”

In the photo, Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo hold hands as they walk down the street. He holds an umbrella over both of their heads. 

People want to know who is behind the camera 

The cute photo raised some questions for some of Jinger’s followers. 

“Who exactly is taking this picture??” one wondered. Several people sarcastically commented that the couple’s one-year-old daughter Felicity was probably the one behind the camera. 

Another suggested the Vuolos had hired a “personal photographer” to document their life. “[B]ecause they *need* one,” they wrote. “You know they live in L.A. Gotta keep up appearances, you know!”

“They’re trying very hard to be influencers so they most likely hired a photographer to take all these casual walking down the street photos,” another agreed. 

It’s not clear when the photo was taken 

Though Jinger just shared the photo with her 1.3 million Instagram followers, it’s not clear when the picture was taken. It has not rained for several days in Los Angeles. And neither Jinger nor Jeremy are wearing face coverings, which have been required in the city of L.A. since April 9. In other photos they’ve shared recently, the two have been wearing masks. 

Given the coronavirus lockdown, it seems unlikely that Jinger and Jeremy hired a photographer to document their neighborhood stroll. But it’s possible the picture was taken before the pandemic and the couple did hire a photographer. 

People think Jinger is desperate to be an influencer 

The apparently staged photo won’t surprise Counting On watchers who have long suspected that Jinger is trying hard to build a career as a social media influencer. She’s shared sponsored posts from Audible and other, smaller companies. But she’s struggled to make some of her partnerships stick. Deals with clothing brand Rebecca Minkoff and L.A. donut shop Fonuts fell apart after those businesses were slammed for working with the Duggar family, who are known for their controversial views.

The Vuolos have also redesigned their website, giving it a slick new look. And her social media has become more carefully curated, showcasing her new life in Los Angeles. Some people think Jinger might be updating her image to distance herself from her conservative parents, perhaps with the goal of making money through more sponsored posts. But based on the partnerships that haven’t worked out, it seems she might need to change more than her hair or her clothes to make it as an influencer.

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