Piers Morgan’s long standing battle with Alastair Campbell first started while he was the editor of the Daily Mirror and has continued in the years that have followed. This culminated in the ‘Good Morning Britain’ host being set to face-off with Tony Blair’s former communications manager for a charity boxing match in March. While the ‘big fight’ never happened, the pair have continued to take sneaky verbal jabs at one another outside the boxing ring. Most recently, Alastair posted a video where he pretended to be sad that runners were treading on a cardboard cut-out of Piers during a race. Despite their almost cartoonish-like clashes, beneath the surface it appears they have a level of respect for one another. This was particularly highlighted in one comment Alastair made in an unearthed interview.

Piers Morgan’s career has seen him rise from journalist to the controversial host of primetime TV shows in the UK and across the pond.

Prior to co-hosting GMB with Susanna Reid, he had ‘Piers Morgan’s Real Life Stories’ and took over the slot of US talk show host Larry King on CNN.

But the move did not go as anticipated and he was sacked for poor viewing figures by 2014.

At the time, Piers told the New York Times: “Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarising.

“There is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

The news was relished by his foe Alastair Campbell, who has since continued to berate the presenter online in various ways. 

But during an interview with Vice last year, Alastair revealed that while they often hit the headlines with regular public disagreements he doesn’t despise him.

He said: “I find it hard to dislike Piers on a personal level, even though I think he has done quite a lot of unlikeable things and has some very unlikeable views.” 

When asked about their constant clashes, he hinted that the pair may amp-up their rivalry for bigger media attention.

Alastair said: “It’s a way of getting your message out. I don’t think he takes it personally, and nor do I.”

In an unusual confession he complimented his rival: “A lot of people in journalism, they can give it but they can’t take it. Piers doesn’t mind taking it.”

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Of the numerous cutting comments over the years, several have been made about both party’s dalliances with political figures.

After Alastair criticised the star’s ‘cosy relationship’ with US President Donald Trump, he retaliated by posting a photo of his own.

Piers shared an image of Alastair with former Labour leader Tony Blair and former President George Bush, which he captioned: “Smirking illegal war-mongers.”

Despite Alastair’s comments about the host’s closeness with President Trump, he admitted his foe’s insight and ability to read current affairs was near-unmatched. 

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He said: “To be fair to Piers, the only two people who ever said to me, ‘Trump’s going to be president,’ were my son Calum, and Piers. 

“And I think he maybe saw something in what was happening in America.”

Alastair controversially claimed that he believed Piers would have supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, had it not been such an invaluable career opportunity for him. 

He added: “But Piers at that time saw Donald Trump as a big opportunity for himself, and he took it.”

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