Princess Beatrice could be called as a witness in her father Prince Andrew's civil sex case trial against his accuser Virginia Giuffre.

The Duke of York, 61, alleges that he took his daughter Beatrice, then 12, to a party at Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey, on March 10 2001 which is when Ms Giuffre alleges he had sex with her.

The revelation was made by Prince Andrew on BBC Newsnight in 2019 and put his eldest daughter Beatrice, 33, into the spotlight as he described how he remembered going to Pizza Express "weirdly distinctly" as it was "a very unusual thing" for him to do.

David Boies, Ms Giuffre's 80 year old New York attorney, told the Daily Beast how: "We would likely take one or two depositions of people close to Andrew who would have knowledge of his actions."

Prince Andrew is being sued by Ms Giuffre, now 38, as she claims the prince sexually assaulted her when she was 17, which is under the age of consent in some US states.

Virginia alleged that Jeffery Epstein and the recently-convicted Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her into sexual abuse and exploitation.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied these claims.

It was previously reported that the Duke "should be quaking in his boots” according to one of the lawyers involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Now the Prince will face a civil trial, royal expert Duncan Larcombe told OK! that the Queen will be "frustrated" with how the situation has been handled, especially on the year of her Diamond Jubilee.

"As a mother, this is the stuff of nightmares," Duncan said. "The Queen on her Jubilee year, is being hit by this double whammy effect of trouble for the firm and trouble for the family."

He continued: "She has spent so many years building and the building the reputation, and then suddenly it comes out.

"The Epstein thing has been under the surface for a decade, but it’s now exploded. It’s one disaster after the other."

Prince Andrew has now been stripped of his military titles and royal patronages and won't be using "His Royal Highness" anymore.

Duncan said following the news Andrew will be facing the civil trial, the question we will be asking is: "What can the Queen do to protect the reputation of the royal family through this?"

And answering that, he claims that her Majesty now "has no control" and there is "little" she can do, other than strip her "favourite son" of his title.

"This is something that she will now regret not taking total control of back in 2011," he shared.

"The reality for the Queen now is that it's out of control. There's nothing she can do to rescue her son from this."

He explained: "I cannot see a way back for Prince Andrew now.

"The nature of these accusations is such that I don't know how he could ever recover his reputation."

Explaining what will likely happen next, Duncan told us: "Their strategy is going to have to basically react to what happens and how this unfolds.

"There have been key moments in her reign where she has had to make quite my major adjustments.

"Who knows what the solution will be."

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