Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are talking skincare!

The 32-year-old Fenty Skin mogul and 31-year-old rapper had a fun Q&A together for Vogue.

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When Rihanna asked him what his own skin type is like, he jokingly said: “Handsome.”

Rihanna shared things she wished she could change about the industry.

“I wish the leaders of the beauty industry were a more diverse set of pioneers who have not just experienced the culture but have experienced a negligence in the industry whether it comes to their skin tone or skin type. I feel like there’s so many voids to be filled and we will only know that by the pioneers that have experienced those voids, and the lack of their representation in the industry,” she said.

“I wish it was more versatility, diversity, obviously you know. I think it’s kinda trying to evolve especially with a person like yourself. But I do wish that there was way more versatility,” he agreed.

“Men love their skin and they take care of it but they feel obligated almost to only use products that are for men because anything beyond that seems like it’s just too feminine,” Rihanna said.

She also said everything she knows about skincare she learned from her mother: “My entire concept of beauty came from her. I wanted to dress like her. I wanted to look like her. I wanted to do my hair like her. I wanted to do my makeup like her.”

“My mother, my brothers, they had to have their nails clean, they had to be short, they had to be filed. My mother was that kind of woman and I think I’ve kind of adopted that point of view from her.”

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Watch the two have their discussion…

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