It looks like a huge romantic shake-up is coming on Riverdale. For pretty much the entire run of The CW’s teen drama, Archie has been dating Veronica and Betty has been with Jughead, but the final episodes of Season 4 seem to be teasing a secret tryst that will forever change the relationships of the Core Four. The latest bit of evidence came from Riverdale‘s Season 4, Episode 18 photos of Betty and Archie, which really look like the besties will explore taking their relationship to the next level after the events of this season’s musical episode.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 4, Episode 17, "Wicked Little Town." The past few episodes have teased Archie and Betty may have romantic feelings for one another, and that all finally came to a head in final moments of the musical episode when the two kissed during their duet. Now, the tension within the Core Four is at an all-time high heading into Episode 18, and newly released photos seem to promise that the Barchie romance is only just beginning.

The next new episode, which is entitled "Lynchian," will see Archie serenading Betty in the bunker, and the two looking into each other’s eyes while lying in bed together.

The bed scene was also shown in the promo clip for "Lynchian," in which Betty says, "Archie, why are we here?" Archie responds, "I don’t know, but it’s nice, right?"

Sorry, Bughead stans and Varchie shippers, but it really looks like Barchie is going to come together very soon.

The rest of the new photos reveal a missing character’s return and a surprising new alliance. The episode will feature Ethel Muggs for the first time this season. Ethel was last seen at the end of Season 3, when she and Jughead narrowly escaped the clutches of the Black Hood and Gargoyle King. It’s unclear where she has been all season, but fans are about to find out.

And finally, the "Lynchian" photos also reveal that Reggie will make some sort of pact with Kevin, Fangs, and Toni.

The synopsis for Episode 18 helps to clarify some of these photos:

It sounds like Reggie’s deal with Kevin, Fangs, and Toni will likely be a continuation of the trio’s bizarre business venture from earlier in the season, where the group made tickling videos. As for Ethel’s return, since it looks like she’s packing up her locker, she may be the victim of the latest mysterious videotape.

Of course, the biggest mystery of all is what Jughead and Veronica will do when they find out about Archie and Betty. Fans will have to wait until Riverdale Season 4, Episode 18 airs on Wednesday, April 29 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW to find out.

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