In an impassioned Twitter statement, the Jamie Fraser of Starz’s ‘Outlander’ claims he has to speak out since the torment is ‘affecting his life and mental state,’ and is ‘a daily concern.’

AceShowbiz -Scottish actor Sam Heughan slammed online trolls in an impassioned letter calling out six years of “constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative”.

The 39-year-old “Outlander” star is fed up with false stories that have been made up about him and, while he had hoped the bullies would “just go away”, he’s now addressed the torment in a lengthy Twitter statement.

“After the past 6 years of constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative I am at a loss, upset, hurt and have to speak out. It’s affecting my life, mental state and is a daily concern,” he began. “Recently, these false claims vary from me manipulating fans, being a closet-homosexual, trying to mislead or exhort fans for money and disregarding Covid advice. I’ve done non (sic) of the above.”

Sam explained he’s currently self-isolating in Hawaii as he was there before the travel ban, and he’s too nervous to fly back home to the U.K. amid the pandemic – especially since he was recently sick for three months.

“These bullies have created a false narrative, shared private information and abused my loved ones and I, consistently for the last six years on blogs and SM (social media),” he continued. “I will not entertain it anymore and am blocking anyone that writes anything defamatory or abusive.”

“Sending items or stalking my private accommodation, they have harassed my work colleagues and constantly tried to hack our email and personal accounts. I’m so hurt by this,” Sam said.

Closing the statement, Sam implored trolls to simply unfollow him and stop commenting on his actions, and thanked those who have continually supported him through tough times.

“To every fan that has supported me and the work I do, THANK YOU,” “The Spy Who Dumped Me” star finished. “I’m so grateful, from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe and please be kind to yourself and each other. There’s so much more to concern ourselves with right now.”

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