Sarah Paulson‘s slipping her slim frame into a fatsuit in order to play Linda Tripp … and it’s got lots of folks pissed off over Hollywood’s casting decisions.

The actress was all done up as Linda this week on the set of “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” and her need for a fatsuit is triggering critics … including a journalist who says Tinseltown is doing plus-sized actors dirty.

The criticism, in a nutshell, is that roles for bigger actresses are few and far between in Hollywood, and it shows the industry’s fatphobia when slim actresses like Sarah are cast to play a role like Linda Tripp.

Journalist Kristin Chirico wrote, “This could have been a fat actor. This could have been their big breakout role. This could have been their Golden Globe or their Emmy nod. This could have been their paid off student loans or their first house. Instead it’s Sarah Paulson in a fat suit.”

Another person tweeted, “So here’s a reminder: fat suits are incredibly anti-fat and perpetuate anti-fat bias. Here’s what you should do instead: hire an actual fat person!”

On the other hand, Sarah is a vet on the ‘American Crime Story’ anthology … she was also cast as prosecutor Marcia Clark in ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’, and just as she’s doing with Linda, nailed the look.

But, the difference here is critics are saying a fatsuit is a whole different ballgame compared to wardrobes, wigs and makeup.

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