After Bri Dellinger admits on a podcast interview that she purposely tried to embarrass her on the reality show, Scheana gives ‘like’ to a number of tweets that offered her supports.

AceShowbizScheana Shay might be staying in silence on purpose. Although “Vanderpump Rules” editor Bri Dellinger has recently admitted to purposely seeking to embarrass her, the cast member of the Bravo reality series made no direct address on the shocking revelation, and it might not be without reason.

The 35-year-old has reportedly been advised by the network not to talk about it. A source told Page Six on Tuesday, May 12, “Bravo has advised Scheana not to address this topic, but she has seen a lot of the online support – even from some of her harshest critics – and it means a great deal to her.”

Aside from the supports she received online, Scheana was also said to have been getting some love from her fellow cast members. “She’s received several messages and calls from cast members, many of whom are working behind the scenes to ensure that Bravo and production don’t just sweep this under the rug,” the source added.

While Scheana did not post anything on her social media account regarding Bri’s admission, the TV personality did subtly show how she felt by liking some supportive tweets. “A vindictive woman who is pouting over a never-existing friendship, IS NOT someone who you’d WANT To be friends with ANYWAY! Ugh! I hope Bri gets demoted! #JusticeForScheana,” was one of the tweets she liked.

Bri made headlines after spilling the tea over what happened behind the scenes during an appearance on the “Twisted Plot Podcast with Evelyn Marley”. Claiming that the cast were not friendly with her at all, she went on to share, “If Scheana knows what’s good for her, she’d befriend me because my favorite game is finding all the embarrassing things that Scheana does and putting them all in.”

When talking about Scheana’s previous accusations that editors did not highlight her successes enough on the show, Bri commented, “I feel like she just has short-term memory because we’ve shown a lot of her story.” She added, “I understand why she’s bitter in some ways. You know, we do poke fun at her, but she’s just so funny.”

On Monday night, May 11, Scheana sent Bravo host Andy Cohen a tweet that has since been deleted. “Hey @Andy I have some tea for you … check your DMs!” her tweet read. Interestingly enough, the “Twisted Plot Podcast” episodes featuring Bri were removed on Tuesday, May 12.

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