Selena Gomez put her love of Friends to the test, literally, in a round of "Fan or Fraud?" with Interview Magazine. Gomez is a self-proclaimed fangirl for the cult classic TV show, but she got a bit tripped up in a Friends trivia challenge. Even if she missed a few questions, she proved she’s the ultimate fan, because Selena Gomez’s Friends quiz video was on point.

The video begins with Gomez giving an introduction on the set of her recent photoshoot and feature with Interview Magazine. The interviewer prefaced her round of "Fan or Fraud?" by telling her the questions were going to be tough, and TBH, he wasn’t kidding. The mag put Gomez’s knowledge of Friends to the test with some truly difficult questions that only dedicated superfans would know. The first question was: "What is the name of the neighbor who leaves everything to Monica and Rachel when he dies?" This is where Gomez starts off really strong, not skipping a beat and immediately answering, "Mr. Heckles," with confidence.

Gomez keeps the streak going as she nails the second question. But she begins to trip up for a moment over the third question — which asked her for the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin. After struggling for a few moments, she finally says, “Hugsy” and gets another point. From here on out, the questions are a bit more difficult, including trivia about Monica’s towels, Monica and Chandler’s kids’ names, and which song Ross is going to play on the bagpipes at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Although Gomez hits a few snags, she gets the first seven questions correct.

However, she finally misses a question at number eight, when asked, "Which of Joey’s sisters does Chandler make out with?" She took a few moments, but clearly didn’t know the answer. "This is so embarrassing! I don’t know," she said.

Gomez scored on question 9, but missed questions 10 and 11. "Dang it! You guys got me hard ones,” she said. She managed to get question 12 right, but after that, she had some real struggles. When she missed question 20, Gomez said, "We’ve gotta edit some of this, because I’m letting a lot of people down."

Her final score was 18 correct answers out of 29 questions. "Alright, look, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been watching some Will and Grace lately so I’m pretty rusty,” she joked at the end. Although she didn’t ace the test, she definitely proved her fandom given how difficult those trivia questions were.

Gomez is friends with the Jennifer Aniston in real life and has even had pizza with her, which honestly trumps any questions she got wrong on the quiz. “You really are a genuine fan," Aniston said to Gomez back in January, when she was a guest host on an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. "It’s amazing. We’ve met. We’ve known each other for years. You’ve been to my house, we’ve had pizza,” Aniston gushed.

Sounds like Gomez is the ultimate Friends fan, and she totally slayed a difficult quiz.

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