Tamara Ecclestone has taken matters into her own hands and offered £6 million as a reward to anyone with information about the robbery that saw millions of pounds worth of goods stolen from her home.

Tamara, 38, and her husband Jay Rutland, 41, had been away in Lapland with their daughter for Christmas 2019 when their Kensington mansion was burgled, leading to £26 million worth of items being stolen.

Their home was one of three to have been targeted alongside Frank and Christine Lampard's, as well as a property of the late Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

While the robbers were jailed in November last year, Tamara’s yet to be reunited with her stolen items – largely made up of high-end jewellery.

With this in mind, she’s taken matters into her own hands and gone “Mel Gibson-style from the movie Ransom” and offered a whopping £6 million to anyone who has information that will reunite her with the stolen goods.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday 24 July, Tamara wrote on her Story: “Whilst I have accepted that I will never likely see my stolen belongings again, I will happily put up a reward of 25% of the value of anything that the police are unable to recover resulting from information provided by a source.

“If you are the source, you get the reward. It’s that simple. With the total value of the burglary being £26m – that’s a reward of up to £6m for anyone that can help me get back what is rightfully mine.”

Her offer comes in the wake of BBC’s new documentary titled Who Stole Tamara Ecclestone’s Diamonds?, which delved into what’s described as Britain's biggest burglary.

Recalling the harrowing events, Tamara said on social media: “What happened on the night of December 13th, 2019, still traumatises my family and I to this day. The thought of those disgusting people, rummaging through every room in my house, invading my home, touching my belongings and stealing some of the things most precious to me, means I will never be able to lay my head to rest in that house again with the same sense of security that I once had.”

Opening up on the effect it had on her young daughter Sophia, eight, she went on: “Sadly Fifi overheard conversations that night and the following day about what happened. Even now, three years later, she still asks if the burglars are coming back and won’t sleep alone”.

Tamara has also offered £250,000 to anyone with information on Daniel Vukovic, whom she branded the "mastermind" behind the robbery.


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