DNA Journey: Anne Hegerty opens up on Autism diagnosis

The Governess Anne Hegerty has opened up about the mystery “husband” that appeared on her Wikipedia page, saying that “he’s out there somewhere”.

For many years her profile on the site has incorrectly stated that she is married to a man called Jake and The Chase star has now laughed recalling this.

“My brother didn’t help because he said to me, ‘I want to meet this guy’,” she quipped while talking exclusively to Express.co.uk. “I’m like ‘No. This is not somebody I know’.”

“I imagine he exists,” she said. “It’s too odd a name to make up. I imagine he exists and he’s out there somewhere.

“Either he vandalised the page or somebody he knows did,” she speculated.

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Anne is believed to be currently single and during an appearance on Loose Women she explained what she looks for in a man.

“It would have to be someone who was intelligent of facts and reading books,” she said. “It might not be a problem if he wasn’t necessarily into quizzing as long as he understood I was into quizzing.”

She also used the platform to shoot down rumours that she was a lesbian: “Most of my fans are older women and I think some of them are hoping that I’m a lesbian. I have to sort of let them down gently.”

The quiz champion has also spoken in the past about how her Asperger’s syndrome affects her relationships, explaining that it causes her to “zone out”.

In an interview with OK! magazine, she said: “I get overwhelmed in the presence of actual people and everything shuts down. I’ve found that with sex, too.

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“It’s like I can’t be fully in it. That much intimacy, I almost zone out,” she said. Anne was diagnosed with autism at the age of 45 and also admitted in the interview that she would rather date someone without the lifelong condition.

And, as for who she falls for, Anne revealed that she usually fancies people who are unobtainable.

“What I have found is that I do fall in love but it tends to not be with people I meet in real life,” she explained.

“I fall in love with historical or fictional characters. People I can put a bit of distance between.”

Anne was talking to Express.co.uk at the launch of the Virgin Media Television Autumn/Winter schedule.

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