She might have made her name starring opposite her equally glamorous and wealthy friends on Bravo’s Ladies of London, but Caroline Stanbury knows a thing or two about real heartache. Since leaving the show that made her name, Stanbury has branched out alone, both by choice and necessity, first following her shocking divorce from husband Cem Habib, after close to 20 years of marriage, and then by bouncing back with a planned solo speaking tour called According to Caroline.

Now happily settled thousands of miles away from the drama in Dubai, Stanbury has the hindsight to look back on her reality TV tenure and understand what it all meant to her, good and bad alike.

Caroline Stanbury looks back on Ladies of London mostly with fondness

Speaking to Bravo’s Daily Dish, Stanbury acknowledged the fans of Ladies of London and heralded the show for connecting her with a group of women with whom she genuinely bonded. Although there are plenty of things she wishes she could take back, Stanbury doesn’t regret one of her most infamous moments on the show; straddling Juliet Angus’s husband during season 2’s raucous New Year’s Eve party, calling it one of her all-time favourite memories.

Elsewhere, the many awe-inspiring trips the group took together were equally some of her best and worst times on the show. “You’re fond of everyone, but you hate them at the same time,” she remarked of the stress of traveling with a group of opinionated ladies. She also has particularly fond memories of dearly departed cast member Annabelle Neilson, who sadly passed away in 2018, describing her as a “beautiful person.”

There are things Caroline Stanbury regrets about Ladies of London

One of the hardest moments for Stanbury, of course, was when she had to shut down her business, the Gift Library, also during the second season. Of her decision to share dark moments such as this with fans, Stanbury argued to Daily Dish, “I have had all of these things happen to me, but I got back up, and I’m still standing and I’m still happy.”

Though she doesn’t regret sharing that dark time, there’s another moment that she may have approached differently: the dissolution of her relationship with then sister-in-law Sophie. “That was probably my darkest time on the show. I don’t think I did anything wrong in it myself, to be honest. I mean, I probably overreacted,” she admitted. However, Stanbury argues the group knew how to set her off. Thankfully, she and Sophie are in a better place today and Stanbury couldn’t see them falling out again.

She certainly seems better off now than a year ago, with Stanbury making fans drool on social media with glimpses at her stylish Dubai digs (and adorable French bulldog). Although far from the Ladies of London, she’s clearly still in the lap of luxury.

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