Paula Faris is insisting she never had beef with Whoopi Goldberg, or blamed her former co-host for her exit from ‘The View.’ In Paula’s new book, she reveals what really caused ‘tension’ on the show.

Paula Faris, 44, is finally telling her side of the story leading up to her sensationalized exit from The View in 2018. In her new book Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling, released on April 21, Paula shut down a 2016 Daily Mail report that claimed she insisted her supposed “nemesis,” former co-host Whoopi Goldberg, sabotaged her time on the talk show! “The writer (whom I refuse to call a journalist) spun a fantastical tale about how I’d been told I was being cut in my dressing room, how I’d lost my cool and blamed Whoopi,” Paula recalled in her new book. “And though the article wasn’t true, though I hadn’t had a dressing-room meltdown and hadn’t blamed Whoopi for any of it, none of that mattered. The tabloids had set the narrative.”

Contrary to what these “tabloids” claimed, Paula claimed she had a mature talk with Whoopi about her decision to “step back” from the show just one day before a different shocking report came forward. She said Whoopi “understood” her wishes, but a Page Six source claimed just a day later that Whoopi was “elated” about Paula getting allegedly “axed” from The View.

Unfortunately, these rumors hit the media circuit on the very same day Paula was reporting live from the Republican National Convention. “I muscled my way through the rest of the convention and cried myself all the way back to New York,” Paula confessed in her book. After bearing the humiliation of both reports, Paula wrote, “I considered my potential failure on The View, and that’s when the fear came. In fact, the fear seemed to metastasize, to shapeshift, to turn into something more like a reality. I didn’t wonder whether I was a failure; I knew I was.” Rather than accepting defeat, though, Paula detailed how she doubled down on her work.

Hey friends, my debut book is out in two weeks (April 21st). And, I’ve struggled with how to tell you about it, not wanting to appear tone deaf as so many have lost so much to this crisis: sense of purpose, loved ones, jobs, belongings, wealth. We’ve all lost something. Some more than others. “CALLED OUT: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling” is all about finding our significance in the *wrong* things and how to discover true, unshakable calling. For me, my significance was my job. And, it took a personal crisis to get my attention. I bought society’s lie that my value was my vocation, my worth was work, my calling was career. I leaned in hard. I burned out. Then, after I walked away from my two dream jobs (anchoring GMA and co-hosting The View), I felt lost. Who was I without it? I didn’t know who I was outside of what I did. This book is not just my experience, it’s full of interviews with and observations of others struggling with the same sense of misplaced significance, identity and purpose. I hope this book encourages you to root into your true purpose and discover your true calling, which will help you navigate this season of crisis. Thank you so much for giving it a shot! (You can pre-order, now. See link in bio.) #CalledOutBook.

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While Paula denied any sort of feud with Whoopi, she did admit that “there was a growing disconnect between my amazing co-hosts (all of whom I still love) and me.” Paula put the blame on her non-partisan stance on the show, something that she claimed her bosses encouraged. “Show after show, the tension mounted. Co-hosts were agitated as I avoided taking sides during interviews, discussions of current events, and political debates,” she explained. “After each taping of the view, I returned to my dressing room fully aware that I was the odd woman out.”

Whoopi has also made it clear that she doesn’t even have the power to “axe” someone from The View. “I’m not responsible 4 firing or moving people around or negotiating my coworkers contracts,” the longtime talk show host tweeted in 2016, amid all the rumors of her alleged beef with Paula. After leaving The View and Good Morning America Weekend (both in 2018), Paula has since moved on to being a correspondent for ABC News.

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