Topher Grace is revealing how he got his nickname!

In a new interview with Anthony Anderson for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pair discussed when Topher stopped going by his full name, Christopher, and started using a shortened version of his name.

“I was Chris when I was a kid… People would call me Chris and I wanted to go by Christopher,” he explained. “My mom’s name is Patricia and people only called her Pat so she always said ‘You should go by your full name.’”

“So I’d say ‘Hi, my name’s Christopher‘ and they’d say ‘Nice to meet you Chris,’” he said, taking a pause. “And I’d say ‘-Topher.’”

He continued, “And then when I went to boarding school I said it as a joke that I might use it as my name and the hottest girl at school said, ‘That’s cute!’”

“So that was it, it wasn’t like a Hollywood thing or anything,” he added.

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