Fans of The Bachelorette can still keep up with Tyler Cameron through his social media posts. He’s been spending a lot of time with friends during the pandemic. A recent report got him a lot of backlash so he decided to address it. Find out why he doesn’t want fans to jump to conclusions.

Tyler Cameron has been social distancing with friends

Cameron has been staying with friends during the pandemic. They called themselves the “Quarantine Crew” and would post things on social media together. Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette was part of the group for some time. Matt James, who will be on Clare Crawley’s season, also stayed with them.

“Having friends who are willing to open up their homes to people in such a crazy time we’re in, I’m fortunate enough to be down here [in Florida] in warm weather and generally out of harm’s way in terms of what everyone’s doing with the virus,” James told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

He gave a reason for all of their social media posts. “We just find things around the house and try to get creative,” he said. “We just ordered a bunch of inflatable pools so we’ve got 30 small pools we’re going to fill up eventually. Amazon has been a very big partner in what we’re doing, having their site open and being able to order things that we don’t need.”

Brown eventually left their group to be home. Cameron seems to still be spending time with friends.

He reportedly was working out with someone new

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TMZ reported that he was seen working out on April 22 in Jupiter, Florida with a new woman. The report claimed he has been staying active during the pandemic by racing around his neighborhood, playing basketball.

It looks like fans weren’t happy about Cameron possibly meeting with more people instead of social distancing. He took to Twitter address these concerns.

He said fans shouldn’t jump to conclusions

The former reality star took to Twitter on April 23 to address TMZ’s report. He started the thread with “I’d like to address this tmz article that has people upset about social distancing. I am just like y’all and am taking this serious. There are loved ones that I miss because I can’t see them just like y’all, and even worse people still getting sick. I take these precautions…”

He then tweeted, “Very seriously but you try and keep a bunch of grown folk to comply with all the rules you’re trying to set. Not the easiest of tasks. But back to the article, some neighbors were running sprints, one goes to school and plays sports with Ryan. I challenged them to some sprints…”

Cameron ended things with “After our workout and we talked for a bit… from a distance. But you guys seem to like to jump to conclusions about everything without any real context so I thought I’d give y’all the context. Now going to clean my house for all the Facebook moms. Have a good day.”

Fans showed their support for him along with fellow stars of The Bachelorette. “I’m not buying this one bit TMZ is ALWAYS right,” tweeted Dylan Barbour sarcastically.

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