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Victoria Beckham has explained she will not show her collection at Fashion Week this year because her company cannot afford it.

The fashion designer was candidly discussing the financial hit her eponymous label had taken during the pandemic when she admitted that she wasn't able to spend money on a glamorous runway presentation to showcase her designs.

When asked about her plans for Fashion Week later this year, the 47-year-old said: "Let's hope we're out of this pandemic by September.

'I do believe the best way to see fashion is a fashion show, to see the clothes, to hear the clothes, see models in the clothes.

"It's hard to find a way that can beat that. We've tried the best we can to show that through digital, but it's difficult."

Adding in the interview for London Rising, Victoria said: "Will I be doing a show in September? I don't know. If I'm being really honest, the pandemic has affected my business.

"Will I be in a position to spend all that money on a show? I don't know, probably not. It will probably still be digital."

The former Spice Girl added that she would "love" to do a show, but she was being "optimistic" and "realistic" at the same time.

"I'm lucky to still have a business, but doing fashion shows costs a lot of money."

Victoria also added that she thought it was unfair that high-profile fashion labels such as Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry could carry on as usual while smaller brands were not afforded that luxury.

"I did hope when the pandemic first hit that it would make the fashion industry a more even playing field," she admitted.

'I thought everyone is going to be forced to be more creative – it's not going to be about just spending money on all the big shows and extravaganza, flying editors from one side of the world to the other – but sadly, that didn't happen. It continues to happen.

'The big shows are still happening from the big houses, they're just filming the shows then showing them through social. Which I think is great for the people who can do that… but for the smaller brands that can't, it makes it a very, very difficult place to try and – ultimately, you are competing.'

Victoria, whose label has seen £46 million worth of losses since it launched in 2008, explained that she would probably host a small showcase during Fashion Week this year.

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