Many Britons have been stepping up to help those who are not able to get their usual grocery shop during the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. The supermarket chain, Aldi, has now introduced vouchers that will help customers pick up essential items on behalf of vulnerable friends and family.


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While Britons are to stay indoors as much as possible, they are permitted to leave home for essential trips to the supermarket.

Many stores have put strict social distancing measures in place to keep customers as safe as possible.

However, some vulnerable people have still struggled to visit the shops and have been helped by neighbours or family members.

Aldi has launched new vouchers to make it easy to pick up essential items for others.

How does the shopping voucher work?

The new scheme allows customers to buy vouchers that can be used by friends on their behalf.

Posting on Twitter, Aldi wrote: “Our shopping voucher is a great way to pay for shopping in store.

“It’s a cashless payment option that can be sent to your address, or one of your loved ones.

“Once you receive it, all you have to do is open it like money at your local Aldi. Order yours today.”

Customers can choose from two different vouchers depending on what they need.

Blue vouchers can be ordered and used to purchase everything apart from lottery.

Orange vouchers can be used on essential items, excluding lottery and alcohol.


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The vouchers are available in either £5 or £10 denominations and various vouchers can be ordered at one time.

Once purchased, they can be delivered to any address with no additional charge.

Fritz Walleczek, Managing Director for Corporate Responsibility at Aldi, said: “This is an incredibly difficult time for certain people in our communities.

“As has always been our mission, we want to ensure everyone has safe, easy and affordable access to quality food.

“We all owe huge thanks to the volunteers, friends and family members that are making sure vulnerable people across the UK can get groceries while they self-isolate.

“I’m hopeful that our voucher scheme will make it a little bit easier for them to continue this vital work.”

As well as being conveniently delivered to any address, it reduces the need for unnecessary contact.

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