Despite making a very dramatic entrance into the Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart mansion, it seems like Natascha has found a solid connection with fellow contestant Ryan. But is their relationship strong enough that Natascha and Ryan are still together after the show? Fans only got a brief (but very memorable) glimpse at the couple during the April 20 episode, but it seems that they’ve found their rhythm and are focusing on themselves — instead of all of that Trevor and Jamie drama.

While they’ve been expectedly quiet about where their relationship stands now, both Ryan and Natascha have posted a fair amount about each other on Instagram, with Ryan even asking his followers to help decide on a "solid combined-name hashtag" to use as their couple name going forward. (Thus far, it’s between "Rytascha" and "Ryascha" if you want to weigh in on his Instagram Story.)

Natascha, meanwhile, teased their "steamy" first performance together on her account, and shared a promo for the show in which she tearfully explained that Ryan "believes in me." The pair seemed to be excited about their budding romance onscreen as well, especially during their date to a Chris Lane concert. "Chris and his wife Lauren look like they adore each other and that they respect each other, they’re a team," Natascha said. "I feel like Ryan and I are on our way to really being a strong team. I see a huge change in our relationship."

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