If you’re a fan of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, you’re likely gearing up for the Sept. 4 premiere of season two. Season one dropped on the streamer back in July 2019, and we’ve been captivated by the star-studded, gritty comic-book adaptation ever since. And while fans are no doubt ready to zip through the entirety of season two in one go, Amazon Prime Video is staying away from the classic streamer release method and employing a staggered drop for the second installment.

On Sept. 4, the first three episodes of the season will be available for streaming. Following that, a new episode will premiere every Friday, ending with the eighth and final episode’s release on Oct. 9. To put it clearly, here’s when to tune in for a new episode of The Boys:

  • Episodes one-three: Sept. 4
  • Episode four: Sept. 11
  • Episode five: Sept. 18
  • Episode six: Sept. 25
  • Episode seven: Oct. 2
  • Episode eight (season finale): Oct. 9

It’s pretty simple, right? Fans will get ample time to pore over each episode and all its gory glory before the next, meaning there’ll be plenty of time to come up with ideas on what insanity our favorite boys will do next. Then, we’ll be more than ready to tackle the theories for the already-renewed season three!

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