While it may be tempting to blast the air conditioner this summer — especially if you run hot while you sleep or are working out of a home office — affordable alternatives, like the Forty4 Small Oscillating Portable Tower Fan, are great options for saving on utility costs. Though this fan may be petite, Amazon reviewers say its cooling powers are strong enough to skip running the AC altogether. 

Measuring  13 inches high and 4 inches wide, the compact tower fan can easily fit on bedside tables and desks. It's equipped with two speed settings and 60-degree oscillation, and shoppers say it's "so quiet on the lowest of the two settings, you can forget it's running." The 3-pound fan can easily be carried from room to room by its built-in handle — but shoppers love it so much, they've placed a few around their houses.

Buy It! Forty4 Small Oscillating Portable Tower Fan, $30.99; amazon.com

The fan, which has over 1,400 five-star ratings, has been deemed a "lifesaver" during the warmer months. One person said it offers a "sleek and modern" design without appearing "big and ugly" like other fans, while another called it their "work from home salvation" when sitting at a desk all day long. 

"I was looking for a small fan in my living room so I don't have to turn on the AC the whole summer, and this guy is perfect," wrote one reviewer. "The air feels cool even when it's warm in the room, and it's not very noisy at all, especially on low. Well done for a brand I've never heard of. Glad I went with it."

Another shopper broke it down further: "1. It's quiet with just the sound of a small breeze. 2. It's small, as the tower uses very little room on the night table. 3. There's two speeds and the low one is plenty. 4. The breeze is narrow and direct. 5. There's an optional swivel switch. 6. This unit combined with my ocean noise machine is a perfect match."

Keep calm and cool this summer by grabbing the Forty4 Small Oscillating Portable Tower Fan for $31 on Amazon. 

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