A wedding guest was branded an “attention seeker” after wearing a white dress to their friend's ceremony.

As the frock is elegant and floor-length, she could have easily been mistaken for the bride.

So it comes as no surprise that some were offended by her choice of attire.

The fashion faux-pas was slammed on Reddit, where a wedding shamer said: “A girl I went to college with attended a wedding in this.

“She got married recently so you’d think she’d understand the dos and don’ts.”

The post garnered more than 400 upvotes and dozens of angry comments – with some even saying they'd tip red wine on the lass.

One Redditor admitted: “I would have turned her away at the door.”

But another replied: “Nah, it’s not me who looks like an inconsiderate pr*ck.

“I wouldn’t try to protect someone like that. Let the people see and talk.”

A third agreed: “Yeah, I would have turned my mum and mother-in-law loose on her.”

And a fourth suggested: “Or if you don’t do that, put one of your bridesmaids on wine-spilling duty.”

Others were baffled as to why anyone would wear white to someone else’s wedding.

A commenter said: “I don't get why people do this… I had a cousin do this at another cousin's wedding even though her wedding was just a month before.”

People had theories to explain the wardrobe decision though.

A Redditor suggested: “It’s all for attention. They can’t stand that people aren’t paying attention to them.”

And another said: “She wore this BECAUSE she got married recently. She wants people to know.”

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Despite the backlash, others defended the wedding dress.

A responder wrote: “So? It's a dress. She is one who doesn't conform to the societal norm.”

Another asked: “What’s the big deal?”

And a third sympathised: “Maybe it was an emergency.”

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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