Joe Biden appears to almost confuse Trump and Putin

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The EU is facing a gas crisis as Mr Putin tightens his grip on supplies after a fall out over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Nord Stream 2 will bring gas from Russia to Germany, bypassing Poland and Ukraine, in what some warned would lead to it being “weaponised”. Now, Mr Putin is said to be hoping to avoid EU laws being implemented with his latest advance. Ms Merkel’s deal with the Russian President was slammed by US President Joe Biden – and he is now said to have orchestrated a way round it for Washington.

Energy expert Professor Michael Bradshaw, from Warwick Business School, told “The Biden administration clearly thinks that Nord Stream 2 is a bad idea.

“He’s not worrying much about Nord Stream 2 as there’s plenty of markets for US LNG in Asia, including China.“

He shares this consistent view that it’s not a good idea for European energy security to be increasing your dependence on Russian supply.”

LNG, or liquid natural gas, is a form of gas that is not transported through pipelines.

Mr Biden also recently told White House reporters that “good friends can disagree” and has been vocal about his disapproval of Ms Merkel’s decision-making.

So much so that back in August 2020, he imposed sanctions on Russia over it.

But the decision was criticised by experts, who believed that they do nothing to stop the progression of Nord Stream 2.

Daniel Vajdich president of Yorktown Solutions, which advises the Ukrainian energy industry, said: “These sanctions do nothing to halt Nord Stream 2.”

Ms Merkel has pledged to also impose sanctions on Russia if Mr Putin “weaponises” the pipeline.

For now, Mr Biden appears to be a bystander in the situation.

The situation is very different from Donald Trump’s time in charge as US President.

He signed a law in 2019 to impose sanctions on any firm that helps Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom, with building the pipeline.

And he warned that the pipeline would make Germany a “hostage of Russia”.

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Gazprom is planning to start flowing natural gas through the pipeline next month, according to people with direct knowledge of the company’s plan.

The Russian gas giant wants to begin shipping the fuel through the first leg of the Nord Stream 2 link to Germany on October 1.

But they added that the timing of actual flows into Europe’s gas grid will still depend on a decision by the German regulator.

With winter fast approaching, how the situation will play out is still unclear.

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