A stunned boss shared his disgust after a worker failed to show up for his shift because his girlfriend hadn't washed his socks.

Bristol scaffolding site leader Ken Moore expected the employee to come into work as normal.

But after texting the workman to see when he was set to head in, Mr Moore got a pretty disappointing excuse.

The lethargic no-show wrote: "I can't come in I can't find any f****** socks she ain't washed f*** all so ain't got nuffin and can't where [sic] none because boots got big holes in ffs soz buddy van keys in that box in shelter again."

Ken responded with an understandable amount of anger.

He replied: "You having a f****** laugh. Got no socks what the f***. Okay see you tomorrow.

"But if that was someone else I would not have them back in."

Social media users were even less impressed with the worker's excuse than Ken.

Jake Stewart wrote: "Can't you buy some socks on your way to work?"

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And Richard A Carter commented: "Would you not just wear dirty socks? Backpackers wear them for six months at a time."

Others suggested the man was more likely covering up for having been on a heavy night out.

The fact he blamed not only the lack of clean socks but the holes in his boots, too, made it pretty clear there was something up.

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Ben Whitfield asked: "Why not just say I've been on the c*** I'm not coming in."

Andy Lowe said: "Why not just say you will lend him a pair. See what his excuse is then."

And Joe Reeves added: "Should have turned up at his house with a pair for him."

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