Nothing is worse than driving down the street to be met with potholes.

The pesky dents in the road are known to plague tarmac in the winter – and, swerving to avoid them can quickly become tiresome.

So this one resident must have been pleased when they heard that their local council was filling the holes in.

Well, that was until they saw the job that they had done.

Taking to Reddit to share the questionable job, the resident mocked the quick fix as they titled the post: “Good to see the local council has started filling in the pot holes.”

Instead of replacing the troublesome bricks, the labourer had poured tarmac over the area, which hilariously made the damage even worse.

Wonky bricks still remained around the ‘fixed’ area, which could certainly be seen as a trip hazard.

The tarmac created a heap over the bricks which some have said looks like “caviar.”

Now, that is some caviar we wish to stay away from!

Gobsmacked at the attempt to fix the pavement, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the job.

One person commented: “I've never done anything remotely close to this type of work and I'm confident I could do a significantly better job.”

Another user mocked: “Top job that.”

Whilst a third person noted: “Scoop it up, have you seen the price of Caviar lately!”

Someone else jested: “I'll bet it still took them a week.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user questioned: “The f***?! This is hilarious.”

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