"I also think that giving athletes an opportunity to learn from someone that they follow and admire was a strong motivation," the quarterback notes. "Many times when we pitched the concept, the reaction was positive. And then when we told the athletes who we wanted to pair them with, the reaction was an enthusiastic, 'I 100 precent want to do that!' "

Newton wanted to be paired with Young as an Atlanta Hawks fan. He quickly learned that the 21-year-old's "fundamentals and the amount of work that it has taken for him to get to his level" is "evident."

He adds, "Seeing him doing his thing up close gave me an even stronger appreciation for why he is such a great player."

Pro golfer Michelle Wie, 30,  also appears on Iron Sharpens Iron, learning from and teaching Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings, 41.

"I do believe we're just sometimes so stuck in our own sports to have the opportunity to speak to other athletes," Wie tells PEOPLE of why she chose to participate in the Quibi show. "I really felt it was a personal journey as well, to really open up to things that I can

learn. And especially whenever I was being paired up with Kerri Walsh Jennings, I was just so excited. It was a no-brainer for me."

Wie says she was "surprised" by the similarities in her and Jennings' training programs, despite the differences in their sports.

She and Wie also chatted about how Jennings has continued to play at such a high level after welcoming three children. Wie, who is pregnant with her first child, says, "I was like, 'She can play beach volleyball at the highest competition, at the highest level and is still winning medals and all that with three kids, not just as one.' I just found that very inspirational."

The experience was an overwhelmingly positive one for Wie.

"I think it's really important that people get out of their own bubbles and out of their own comfort circles and learn about experiences that other people have, and learn from other people," the golfer tells PEOPLE. "I love talking to people in different fields just because I find it so fascinating."

And Newton echoes that: "It opens your eyes being able to have a first-hand glimpse of how one another trains and perfects their craft. We all can learn so much from one another which is why creating this series was so exciting. Not only are we creating bonds between fellow athletes, but we’re able to document and share this knowledge externally."

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