Cardi B thinks Georgia’s recent lift of the stay-at-home order that was put into place is ‘so wrong’ and she and husband Offset, who live in Atlanta, are taking it ‘personal’ after recently losing one family member.

Cardi B, 27, is not taking the lift of the stay-at-home order in Georgia, where she lives with husband Offset, 28, lightly and she’s extremely “angry and frustrated” that the Governor of the state, Brian Kemp, made the big decision, which goes into effect on Apr. 30, despite the increasing spread of COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. “Cardi’s furious that these restrictions are getting lifted so early, she thinks it’s so wrong,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She’s trying to use her platform to warn people because she is truly afraid for her community.”

One of the reasons the lift is affecting the rapper so much is because Offset’s uncle recently lost his battle with coronavirus and she doesn’t want to see more people get infected. “This is so personal for Cardi and for Offset, he lost one family member already,” the source explained. “His family is hurting and they know friends that have lost loved ones too. It’s horrible and they don’t want to see more families hurting. They are angry and frustrated and definitely will be staying inside and will continue to urge their fans to do the same.”

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