Courtney Stodden has been making quite the reputation for themself ever since their first controversial marriage to Doug Hutchison. However, it is now safe to say that the headlines dedicated to the blonde bombshell have been more positive in comparison to  when they married first married at 16-years-old to the then 51-year-old actor.

Now 26, Courtney has matured into an outspoken and assured person who has definitely not shied away from making their voice and opinions heard. What was once an uphill battle for the media personality who unfortunately wedded as a minor, has become a new life filled with consensual decisions and freedom.

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The reality TV star officially turned the page from their scandalous life in 2018 – when they officially divorced from Hutchison – before finalizing their separation in March 2020. Courtney reportedly dated Megan Fox’s ex husband, Brian Austin Green, before finally meeting their prince.

A Social Media Proposal

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Indeed, Courtney, who came out as non-binary last April, announced that they were engaged on May 28. They revealed on their Instagram a video flaunting a gorgeous engagement ring and captioned the adorable post: “I said yes …OH and the ring made me gag it’s so beautiful.”

Only one mystery has to be solved for the celeb’s 312 thousand Insta-followers who have been left wonder – who is the lucky guy?

Courtney’s fiancé is Chris Sheng, a 41-year-old movie director who, according to his IMDB page, has produced and directed for the movies Knock Knock 2, and Flipped. Chris’ IMDB page also indicates that he was born on August 15, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, making him 15 years older than Courtney.

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Four Years Of Loving

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Although pictures of the media personality and actor Brian Austin Green spending time together circulated online, Courtney revealed that they had actually been dating for four years following the divorce to Dough Hutchison.

Courtney told US Weekly last year: “I’ve been dating the same guy for three years, Chris. I am working on myself every day.”

Chris, who has not been in the public eyes as much as his future wife, is a very successful business man. His net worth is estimated at $7 million and is reportedly growing. Moreover, Chris has reportedly acquired a huge Beverly Hills villa worth approximately $3 million.

An Accomplished Businessman

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Additionally, the movie director was listed as a “3x Founder and Growth Specialist” and has received praised for his help in assisting others starting their own businesses, including startups Y Combinator and Techstars.

Chris has also founded firm Growth Team, a company which provides help to clients with the growth of their project, as well as gaining a margin of high profit. Furthermore, the successful entrepreneur works as a marketing and advisor for various other companies.

According to his Instagram account, the future husband-to-be also works as a startup advisor for venture capital company Mucker, and helps B2B saas companies scale.

He does, however, also split his time from his business ordeals to focus on his wellness, as Chris has an entire Instagram account dedicated to his fitness journey.

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Heartfelt Posts

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However, when the entrepreneur is not busy working out or dealing with his numerous business-related projects, Chris spends a lot of time cuddling up to Courtney, and sharing snaps of his vacations and his dog.

As a matter of fact, Chris went on to reveal his engagement on social media, just like his fiancé, as he posted a series of photos of Courtney showing off their gorgeous diamond, as well as a champagne bottle along a glass.

He wrote in the caption: “So this happened! Not how I planned but the moment was right.

On Friday, May 28 I proposed to the love of my life and they said Yes.

I feel so blessed and fortunate. We have both grown so much since we first met, and the fact that we have both been able to grow into better, stronger, more secure individuals while still being in a relationship together makes me have faith that this partnership will last a lifetime.

For the first time we’re both experiencing unconditional love. The truest kind of love.

The kind where we may not always like each other but will ALWAYS love and respect each other.

“I promise to always be your rock, support, and shoulder to lean on – no matter what. I got you. Ily.”

No More Drama

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Courtney’s engagement to Chris has been a welcome-break from the drama of their daily life, as they recently revealed that Chrissy Teigen had told them to kill themself in 2011.

The influencer and wife of musician John Legend publicly apologised and wrote on social media: “Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past bulls–t in front of the entire world. I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be.”

Teigen’s sorries were not well received as Courtney shared on Instagram a screenshot showing the social media darling had blocked them.

Courtney wrote: “I accept her apology and forgive her. But the truth remains the same, I have never heard from her or her camp in private.

“In fact, she blocked me on Twitter.

“All of me wants to believe this is a sincere apology, but it feels like a public attempt to save her partnerships with Target and other brands who are realizing her “wokeness” is a broken record.”

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