A couple who have a 21-year age gap say they hardly notice the two decades between them.

Alyssa Patmos, 30, and Geoff Kulesa, 51, say the age gap has never caused an issue in their relationship.

The couple met nine months ago in a park in Denver, Colorado, while Alyssa was walking to the supermarket.

Talking about their relationship, Geoff told The Mirror: "We initially passed by each other but I saw [Alyssa] a bit late. I smiled at her and she smiled back."

Alyssa carried on shopping, thinking little of the exchange. However, on the way back, with shopping bags in her hands, Geoff caught her eye again.

Geoff said that he decided to introduce himself after spotting her a second time.

Alyssa had just moved to the city at the time and was living in a temporary apartment while she had renovations done on a permanent flat.

She said she wasn't even thing about dating, but that she thought Geoff approaching her "took a lot of courage".

Geoff carried Alyssa’s bags and they walked together.

The pair hit it off immediately and decided to go for a drink together.

After their first impromptu date went well, Geoff was excited to see Alyssa again.

However, it wasn't quite plain sailing.

“I hoped she wanted to see me again, but she put me off for a while and said she was ‘busy’,” Geoff joked.

But Alyssa insisted she was "actually busy", explaining that she was setting up a masterclass in Denver and was working long hours.

However, as soon as the masterclass was over, the pair finally had their second date and saw each other all the time from then on.

Despite 21 years between them, Geoff and Alyssa say they barely notice an age difference.

“I don’t remember when I found out Geoff’s age but it didn’t bother me. I’d dated guys who were 10 years older than me before. I know 21 is a bigger gap but it wasn’t an issue,” Alyssa said.

Geoff agreed, saying he’d also dated younger women before.

“The only time it’s ever been an issue is when we stop and think about it. My kids are closer to Alyssa’s age than I am,” he said.

Geoff has a 22-year-old son and twin boys aged 20 from a previous relationship – but they’re perfectly accepting of the relationship.

Alyssa’s parents also have no issues with the age gap between them.

“We didn’t feel the need to keep it from anyone because we’re both open books,” Alyssa said.

The couple have had some bumps in the road though, with Alyssa admitting they've received some "judgemental comments" about what will happen when she and Geoff get older.

“People ask if I’m going to take care of him when he’s older. I think people live in fear of what the future’s going to look like.

“Women also don’t believe me when I say I don’t want kids. A lot of people ask, ‘Oh, is Geoff going to want kids?’ but I don’t want children and people don’t seem to believe me when I say that.”

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Geoff said: “In general, people who question us say, ‘Alyssa can’t possibly be on your emotional level’, but she’s an old soul and she’s incredibly mature.”

However overall, the couple say most people are “pretty accepting” of their relationship and they’re still smitten with each other.

They officially moved in together a month ago, but said they were spending every night together beforehand anyway.

The couple also want to be more spontaneous in their relationship since coronavirus restrictions have eased.

Geoff said: “Age is just a mindset at the end of the day. We’re so compatible in so many ways, and I’m glad I didn’t limit myself in age. It’s hard enough to find a good match and if you set an age limit for yourself, you’re shutting off so many people."

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