Mercury this Sunday completes its auspicious communion with Venus and Mars. And by a cosmic coincidence for your horoscope, this occurs just as the Sun enters Taurus.

As a result, you can anticipate a need to plan properly for the longer term.

For now, the end of the week demands a dynamic and proactive approach to problems.

So now is the time to be pro-active and to take the initiative.

As the planet Mercury hits the midpoint between Mars and Venus, affairs of the heart will be affected.


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Sunday, therefore, offers the ideal opportunity to make things good on the love front.

Mend bridges, make the first move and be brave enough to reach out and make someone happy.

Mercury and Mars are linking hands in a spirit of friendly repartee during the day, meaning you have a chance to enjoy some last-minute fun.

Exactly how you plan to let off steam should relate to how Red Planet Mars corresponds with your horoscope this Sunday.

 The Sun enters Taurus during Sunday afternoon, meaning you should expect to experience a significant turn off the tide.

This is because the Moon will soon arrive in the star sign Taurus.

The influence of Earth’s celestial orb will mean now is the time to consider long-term repercussions of all that is taking place.

Fortunately, any major decisions can be postponed until another day.


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There may be temptation is to go out for a walk or any other exercise this Sunday.

Alternatively, you may simply crave some witty banter, as Mercury and Mars make it difficult for you to stay still.

And any attempt to repress this feisty astrological energy may result in an unpleasant argument.

Virgo and Gemini should consider attempting something constructive.

Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio, could conversely require some mental stimulation.

All 12 star signs need to flex their muscles at some point today.

This is a good idea because as of tomorrow, you will need all the strength you can get.

The Pisces Moon is a dreamer – and more so today as Earth’s natural satellite creates a Conjunction with Neptune.

Because of this, desires to escape or feel an intense connection with God may rise to the surface.

The Moon Sextiles Pluto and gas giant Jupiter tonight, so some unexpected feelings may be experienced.

In order to determine how these should best be dealt with is to conduct a full emotional audit.

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