Mercury enters star sign Taurus at the start of another working week. Astrologers believe now is consequently the time for some sturdy thinking.

The influence of this aspect means you should stick with a problem long enough to discover a solution.

You can also expect to receive lots of advice about finances.

Subjects can also range from discussions about food, health and engaging with nature.

The thinking planet Mercury enters Taurus tonight meaning you are ready to begin the practical aspects of your life.


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Money is foremost on your mind, and survival more generally.

You may receive financial advice this week that will urge you to think of more creative solutions.

Another issue that Mercury in Taurus brings is the question of health.

And use this time time to check whether you are you in touch enough with your physical needs.

Make sure you are you eating a health diet to support your immune system.

Experts also suggest enjoying some walks to see some greenery or just spend more time in the garden if possible.

Monday is also the time to think of practical solutions to this current crisis and to come up with some serious strategies for the long term.

As Mercury harmonises with the Lunar Nodes tonight, an opportunity to voice what is most important to you arrives.


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The Moon starts off the day in the star sign Gemini.

Earth’s natural satellite then connects with Mercury still in Aries during the day.

This aspect gives you an opportunity to voice some creative ideas.

These can be entertained for much of the day before you have to think of more practical matters.

The Moon then proceeds to enter Cancer where it conjuncts the North Node.

This combination is capable of reminding you of what is most important right now.

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